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7 Tips to make laundry a breeze

7 Tips to make laundry a breeze

Woman Holding Laundry Basket Full of TowelsHow many times has this scenario happened to you? You are getting ready in the morning only to realize that the shirt, pants, outfit you need is in the laundry.

It is such a depressing way to start the morning isn’t it? You are now spending the entire day in another outfit because the one you wanted to wear is dirty. I don’t know about you but for me, my mood can be directly related to my outfit. If something doesn’t fit right or maybe isn’t the best combination of clothes I spend the entire day feeling uncomfortable and it is a sure way to sour my mood. I am simply not the best me I can be.

1. One of the best ways to stay on top of laundry is to do one load every day. This may mean putting a load into the washer in the morning and drying it and putting it away at night or doing it all at once. If you do this every day you will never have a huge pile of clothes that need to be washed at the end of the week and you will need to spend less time on the weekend, when you are already busy doing other more important things, doing laundry.

Young Super Hero Standing on Laundry Machines2. If you have children that are able to use the washer and dryer you can make laundry a part of their chores. If you have boys, trust me when I say their future wives will thank you!

3. Sorting laundry before you wash it is extremely helpful. You can purchase a number of different types of laundry baskets with separate compartments that make it easy to keep colors, delicates and other clothing separate. This way you can be sure that the laundry is done right. Especially if kids or other helpers are doing the laundry.

Woman Folding Freshly Washed Towels4. If you have the space, install a table that you can fold the laundry on right by your washer and dryer. That way, when it comes out of the dryer you can fold it and then put it away right away so that it’s not all over the house.

5. There is cool new product I just discovered that can be used to help organize laundry. The Sort A Neat laundry basket. It fits in a standard laundry basket and helps to keep things separated. I see myself using this product for socks and other small items like underwear and bras.  This is especially helpful for those live in an apartment or even college and university students who need to transport their laundry.

6. Plan ahead. If you know you want to wear a certain outfit on a certain day, make sure it’s in the laundry before you need it so you are not stuck washing it at the last minute. I highly recommend a schedule for all your chores, including laundry, to help keep you organized

7. I wouldn’t be a good organizer if I didn’t tell you that one of the best ways to help organize laundry is to organize your closet. The less clothes you have, the less laundry you have to do and the greater chance that you will never run into the scenario I wrote about above.

Happy organizing!


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