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Party organizing 101

Party organizing 101

Today is my baby girl’s first birthday and to celebrate this momentous occasion I thought a post on organizing a party would be fitting.

If you have ever tried to organize a party you will know that it is a lot of work. You may have heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I think this is excellent advice when it comes to organizing a party.

Here are a few tips that will make the next party you plan a smashing success!

1) Depending on the scope of the party it can take a long time to get all your ducks in a row, start early to ensure you have adequate time to complete everything. Don’t be fooled by seemingly simple tasks like ordering a cake which could take much longer than expected.

2) Figure out what your party’s budget will be. It is very easy to go over budget if you are not clear about the numbers at the start, especially if you are planning a large party that is very intricate.

3) Decide on a venue. Try to take into account where your guests live, the length and time of the party, what your guest’s budgets may be, if applicable and the theme of your party.

4) Get invitations out to your guests as early as possible. Essentially, if there are no guests, there is no party.

5) Once you have confirmed your guest list you can start to work on the smaller details. The next step is to choose a theme for your party. The reason I suggest a theme for any party is because this will make buying/selecting food, loot bags/gift baskets and other items much easier. Even if you are planning a party for adults, having a theme can be helpful and not only that, it can be a lot of fun. Toga party anyone?

6) Ninety percent of the time there is some form of entertainment at a party. Decide what entertainment will be provided and if DJ’s, bands or other entertainment need to be hired be sure they can commit 100% to your date. Since you have already chosen a theme, this will be easier to decide. ALWAYS have a plan B, should A not be available.

7) Now is the time to order or shop for everything you need. If ordering cross border, allow for extra shipping time.

8) Follow up with guests a week or two before the party to ensure everyone is still coming. Once again, if there are no guests, no party.

9) Try and set-up as early as possible for the party. If you are renting a hall and can get in the night before that can relieve a lot of stress the day of the party. The less you have to do on the actual day of the party, the better.

10) Have fun and enjoy yourself! After all the organizing, you might be tempted to keep busy during the party but be sure to stop and smell the flowers even for a little bit, unless you are being hired by someone else. Or perhaps you have even hired me!?! In that case, well, take pride in the fact that you have just organized one heck of a splendid party.

Happy organizing!


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