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Resolution to get organized in 2014?

Resolution to get organized in 2014?

Businessman Overwhelmed with PaperworkI am not sure where I stand when it comes to resolutions. On the one hand, the organizing part of me loves the idea of setting goals and making plans but on the other hand, I fear many resolutions set us up for failure. Usually this is because our resolutions aren’t realistic. We try to do too much, too fast and then give up when it doesn’t work out. So here are some tips to get you going but not overwhelmed.

Start small-What is the biggest problem you have trouble with? Is it that dinner always seems to be a chore or maybe you can find nothing in your closet? Figure out the thing you want to tackle the most and take small steps to achieve it. Don’t move on to anything else until the first is completed.

Reward yourself– Once you have completed one area reward yourself with something you enjoy or enjoy doing. A little reward can help motivate you along the way.

Put it on the calendar-If you have carved out a specific time for doing something you will be more likely to get it completed.

Expect it to take longer then you thought-I would say organizing always takes at least double or triple the amount of time you thought it would. Give yourself extra time to get things done.

Give back– Donating items can be great motivation. Not to mention helpful when de-cluttering. There is nothing more inspiring then helping others and by donating goods you can do just that.

Organize with a non-biased party– There is no shame in asking for help and organizing with a organizer helps keep things neutral because they have no attachment to items that may have you torn and they can help you work through these items with more clarity.

Tell a friend-Once the cat is out of the bag you may be more likely to stick to it. Or better yet, do it together! When you are both tackling projects it can keep you motivated.

Don’t fight what makes sense to you-Last but not least, if you always put your coat over the kitchen chair, why not install a hook in there for yourself? Organizing your home doesn’t have to make sense or look magazine perfect it just has to work for you.

Happy 2014 and happy organizing!


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