Double Take Organizing


Maria Bates

It was complete luck that I discovered Laura from Double Take Organizing and after working with her, I could not be more pleased with the result of the extraordinary job she did to make my life easier!

My work space had moved and after several months my office still had many boxes filled with items that had been packed in no order. As time went on, more and more piles accumulated on and around my desk. Not only was it becoming more difficult to find things, but as my space became more cluttered, so did my mind. I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin.

In came Laura to save the day! She spent a great deal of time determining my needs and how best to tackle the mess. Laura arrived fully prepared with supplies required to set my space up so that things could be easily accessed and/or stored in an orderly fashion. Laura was a powerhouse and kept the pace and enthusiasm up even when I started to get discouraged. We got far more done than I had thought and by the end of the day my office looked amazing!

I can’t believe what a difference it has made in my productivity and even more so; my peace of mind! Everything I need regularly is at my fingertips and all else is easy to find, especially with the handy labels Laura put on everything. What a difference! Because of your work and helpful suggestions I feel like I can move forward and maintain this cleaner and clearer space. I can’t thank you enough! I know I definitely could not have done this without you. I am deeply grateful for the difference you made in my life! Thank you so much again Laura. You are a true professional!

Debra-Baydak Poray

Thank-you Laura Watts from Double Take Organizing! The garage looks great for my Father’s Day gift! Now if I could just get my husband to keep it that organized!! 

Kathie Bird

 A BIG thank you and shout-out to Laura Watts of Double Take Organizing. She helped my 9-year old daughter tackle her room today, bringing order to chaos! The photos do not do justice of the completed task, and hopefully by having my daughter participate in the session she will now understand and appreciate her newly organized living space.

Laura is extremely professional with tons of creative ideas and suggestions. I would not hesitate to recommend her!

Michelle Tortolo

Thank you so much to Laura of Double Take Organizing who spent many hours with me to help sort out my mess! I recommend Laura Watts and Double Take Organizing. 

Talia Massaroni

Thank you again for all your help. I’m really grateful and love my organized kitchen. My husband loved it too! 

Shaelene McInnis, Books In Line Bookkeeping Services

It is my pleasure to recommend Laura Watts and her company, Double Take Organizing.Being a small business owner, I am responsible for all aspects of the business, and all the little things can be incredibly time-consuming. Although I consider myself a very orderly person, I just did not have time to organize and tidy my entire kitchen. Fortunately I met Laura Watts and took an immediate liking to this confident and professional business owner.

She came into my home and completely reorganized my kitchen space. While I was thrilled with her work on the day she was at my house, I continue to be every time I go into the kitchen. I can find everything easily and quickly. One thing I did not count on was the money I am now saving on groceries! I know exactly how much and which varieties of pasta I have, as well as canned goods, spices (labeled!) and kid’s treats.

My only regret is not meeting this trustworthy young woman years ago!Laura Watts is a caring, thorough and trusted professional, and I endorse her work without hesitation. She has a positive attitude and only does the best work for her clients. I have happily referred her services to many a colleague and several friends as well. I will continue to use her valuable services.

Colleen Treen

Laura saved my sanity when I moved into my new home! From installing closet organizers, organizing kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and even unpacking my clothes! Laura surprised me with her handiness. She made and installed some beautiful pipe shelves in my ensuite, hung all my pictures and even helped me build a display for my shop. Laura has continued to help me over the year with my office space and organizing my laptop files and emails! There’s no task big or small she can’t handle, she absolutely amazing!!!

Danielle Hines

I should have written this ages ago but Laura was a super huge help with getting my mother’s closet and kitchen organized. I can’t imagine what it would have looked like by now without her help!

Jeanelle Robles

Thank you for such a great experience in helping me organize my kitchen. My pantry was starting to take on a life of it’s own, and it frustrated me every time I had to open the door (which was several times a day). Laura helped me get right in there and de-clutter so efficiently that still, months later, it is organized and so easy to maintain as everything has a it’s own dedicated spot, and is clearly labeled. A lot of the tips Laura explained during our organizing session has helped me all my other rooms in the house – thank you again, Laura!!!!

Shannon Sheppard

I cannot believe not only how great my common office space looks, but how much better I FEEL too! As an independent contractor who works from home (with 3 near adult children), our schedules and habits made it difficult to get organized. Thank you so much for creating logical easy systems in my limited shared space. I look forward to working with you again!! Laura listens to the needs of her clients, providing a detailed consultation form and is great at working within one’s space and budget. It would be my pleasure to recommend her services…I also LOVE that she utilized my saved bread tags!!

Amber Godwin

I had Laura Watts organize my office, kitchen and front hall closet, it was amazing for the time it saved me in the end and how awesome everything looked when she was done. I highly recommend Laura and Double Take Organizing 🙂

Wendi Dube

Laura Watts helped us with our basement. It was awful. But not only did Laura come in and help us get it clean and organized, we took the stuff we didn’t need anymore and she put together a garage sale for us and priced the items and everything! She’s the best!!

Shannon Wilson-Stainburn

Have to give a shout out to Double Take Organzing!! Laura Watts a local mom who has her own business. She organized, designed and installed my new closet! First off my closet is so small to begin with ( a man must have designed the space)!! She even made these rustic pipes to hang clothes! So cool pictures in comments! So easy to work with and took her time with me while I made decisions a long the way.

Sherry Corbitt

I love what Laura was able to do with my home office. I wanted my office to be both functional but also a showpiece as it is at the front entrance with glass doors and everyone coming into the house sees it. Laura made me some amazing custom shelves out of stained wood and piping. It has a classy but modern feel that gives me so much more organizing space. While she was working at my place I embarrassingly showed her my walk in pantry and she assured me she could work wonders with it too. Laura came back and redid my pantry, really utilizing baskets and bins to organize the food types. I am very proud to say that 2 months later we are still organized and loving it! Thanks Laura for both the projects and I can’t wait to tackle the garage next!

Ruth Moore

So when my SO asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said – organization! I don’t need more clothes or jewellery and I keep the house stocked with good wine and flowers regularly 🙂 My unfinished basement had become a major dumping ground over the past 3 years – a serious Gong Show! Seasonal stuff, clothes, furniture, exercise equipment – just everywhere!! So via a search I found Double Take Organizing, Laura Watts is awesome!! We had a phone call to discuss my needs and I sent a few pics of the disaster! Well today Laura arrived and worked her magic! What a treat to come home to! Great start to the craziness of Back To School. Best birthday present ever! Highly recommend!!

Asha Lapps

Laura came in to help me organize my office space. She took the time to ask me questions and get to know what I needed. I had felt embarrassed at how messy my space was, but was so comfortable and at ease with Laura. She gave me really great ideas that I never would have thought of and the experience was the catalyst for organizing and cleaning other areas of my home that I had been avoiding. Happy to say that I enjoyed the process!! Thank you Laura, you’re amazing!!

Annie Bell

Laura helped me immensely to gain perspective on sentimental items, space and keeping things calm and functional. I adore her!

Fran Steyn

Thank you so much for coming in to my office to help me organize my ridiculous amount of digital photos. I appreciate how you went one step further with some suggestions I hadn’t thought of. I will definitely be using your services again:))

Rebecca Weller

Laura helped me declutter and organize my bedroom which was essentially my den of hoarded goods. She never made me feel pressured to let go of anything but helped me make decisions I was comfortable and happy with. My closet is beautiful! And I feel a lot lighter. My bedroom is a happy sanctuary now, not an oppressive reminder of all the things I’m not dealing with. Laura is very professional, friendly, and easy to talk to.
Thank you so very much Laura!!

May Marchio

I highly recommend Double Take Organizing! You will actually have more free time in your day after working with the amazing Laura Watts. Who doesn’t want more free time – priceless!!!

Monica Flowers

I couldn’t be happier about my computer organizing session with Laura. She organized and customized my laptop and now I use it with ease. She exceeded my expectations with her knowledge, patience and understanding of my business and personal needs. I would absolutely recommend Laura’s computer organizing season to anyone who just doesn’t know where to start!

Marilyn Dixon McKay

I was amazed at what we could accomplish in a few hours! Laura was non judgemental, efficient, supportive and full of great ideas!!! I can’t recommend her enough! As a small business owner myself, the value of referrals and reviews can’t be overestimated. If you want to streamline your space, make it more efficient or just more comfortable, call Laura.

Dan and Al

Dear Laura, You were fantastic!
Al and I could not have made the move without you. From the premove downsizing, getting rid of stuff, to the help with unpacking, your services were so professional and capable. You gave us guidance when we really were overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the job. You helped us deal with our vast library collection which was a huge task.

And….you were so respectful, kind, trustworthy, and not pushy about most things, totally understanding the emotional attachment people have to their stupidest possessions. We had interviewed a few organizer/downsizers before you turned up and they were all frankly terrifying. We are too old to need to be terrified.

Then, as if that was not enough, super Laura brought her tools and turned into Mrs. Oddjob, fixing wobbly bookcases, putting up paintings, and the piece de resistance, building my lovely office shelving.

We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done.

Wendy Legere, Northern Lights Canada

Thanks so much. The rooms look great and the cabinet in the kitchen is the icing on the cake. We will definitely keep you in mind for any future projects.

Barbara Langille, Office Manager, Ketchum Public Relations Canada

I have had the pleasure of working with Laura Watts since February of 2008.  She has been a vital part of the Ketchum team and I have found her to be dedicated, dependable and very organized.  In her position at Ketchum, organization was imperative, and she always did that with ease.

I wish her great success in whatever she decides to do because I know she will do it well, and I highly recommend her services.